Enhancing EV Ownership:

Exicom powers Mercedes-Benz dealerships with high-performance EV chargers in India

Jul 7, 2023

Business Objective and Strategy

  • With the launch of their EQS Sedan and EQB SUV electric vehicles in India, Mercedes-Benz recognized the need for robust charging infrastructure at their dealerships as Indian cities did not have fast chargers >60KW as part of city infrastructure.
  • The objective was to deliver fast and reliable charging solutions, supporting the sale of their premium electric cars.
  • After careful analysis of offers from multiple players, Mercedes-Benz selected 180KW and 60kW Fast DC Chargers from Exicom and installed them at 28 dealership locations across India.

Benefits and Outcomes

  • Exicom's chargers have met Mercedes-Benz's expectations, providing fast and reliable charging for their EV owners.
  • The comprehensive charging infrastructure across 28 locations allows for efficient charging. The 180 kW chargers offer efficient charging capabilities, while the 60 kW chargers serve as a viable alternative in locations with supply constraints.
  • Strategic placement of chargers in various cities at their well known dealerships ensures continuous charging support for Mercedes-Benz customers throughout key cities in India.

User Experiences

  • Mercedes-Benz customers have experienced seamless and efficient charging at dealerships, aligning with the brand's premium reputation.
  • The high-performance chargers offer fast charging capabilities, enhancing the EV ownership experience.


The partnership between Exicom and Mercedes-Benz highlights the successful implementation of high-performance EV chargers at dealerships in India to enhance EV ownership experience, and alleviates range anxiety concerns and thus; fuel adoption of electric vehicles in premium car segment as well.

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