Charger management made effortless

ChargeX is a cloud-based charger management platform for anyone who wants to deploy, manage, and grow their EV charging network

One-stop solution for any charging need

ChargeX continuously learns and evolves to fulfill a range of industries’ charging needs

Personal chargers
Simple integration

Link your charge points to the cloud in two simple steps. Once integrated, all chargers can be managed from a single screen.

Supports All OCPP compliant chargers
Remotely link chargers in an instant
Focus on business growth

ChargeX is fully compliant with global standards, so you can concentrate on your business growth without worrying about downtime or data privacy.

Transparent payments

Using automations, the revenue from your charging network is settled transparently and securely between you and other stakeholders.

Smart load management

Dynamically adjust the power sent to vehicles and maintain an optimal load efficiency using our robust AI algorithm.

Operational efficiency

Chargepoint firmware automatically updates in the background, while self-healing algorithms proactively solve and escalate issues to the right teams.

Easy integration with existing eMSPs

ChargeX offers off-the-shelf integration with all major roaming hubs, expanding your stations’ compatibility with other eMobility Service Providers and mobile apps
All the tools needed to manage your charger

The ChargeX platform is packed with tailor-made features for every use case

Firmware updates

Run firmware updates and security patches in the background without disrupting operations

Proactive issue monitoring

Minimize the chance of problem or malfunction through our automatic monitoring system

Customizable dashboard

Configure your dashboard to display the data your business needs, in the way you need it

Consumer insights

Get reports on customer behaviour, friction points, and areas for improvement

Variable pricing

Base your pricing on multiple factors to dynamically offer customers competitive pricing options

Extra features

Add extra features for further management and control, at an affordable monthly subscription

Access management

Set platform access permissions based on user roles and responsibilties

Usage logs

Track customer charging activity and interactions with your charge points

RFID-enabled operations

Enable quick authentication, payment, and charging via RFID tags

24/7 support

Email, live chat, WhatsApp, toll-free calling, and in-app support

Advanced analytics

Interpret your operations and customer behaviour in detail

Custom reporting

Configure your network reports to show the exact information you need

Firmware Updates

Background firmware updates and security patches without impacting the service.

Proactive Fault Monitoring

Your charge points always have a minimum chance of fault due to the automatic monitoring system.


Customizable dashboard which provides the power to view the data as per your business needs.

Reporting Engine

Customized reporting with customer behaviour insights, areas of improvement.

Variable Pricing

Define the pricing based on multiple factor to provide customers lucrative options.

Subscription Model

Add-on features can be included for better management with an affordable monthly subscription fee.

User Management

Manage the user access based on their roles and responsibilties.

Log Manager

Track the users and their experience with the charging points.

RFID Enabled

Platform support RFID based action for quick  authentication, payment and charging.

24/7 Support

email, Chat, WhatsApp, toll free number and in-app ticket management.

Advanced Analytics

Understand your operations and customer-behaviour in more details.

Custom Reporting

Decide what information you want to receive on your network reports.

Ready to supercharge your charging business?

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