We’re here to give you best-in-class support so your chargers are up and running every time you need them

What do you need our support with?

Our services

Site services
Site evaluation and report
Standard warranty
Ground works
Site electrical works
Charger installation
Charger commissioning
Warranty operations
Remote diagnostics
On site corrective maintenance
Scheduled maintenance
Software upgrades
User training package
Life extension
Spare parts
Extended warranty
Recycling & upcycling

Annual maintenance contracts

Enjoy expert support at all times with our complete service package


Fast onsite response times and always-available spares


Maximum operational uptime with no compromise to security


Proactively address issues with regular maintenance visits


Fully tailor SPA agreements to meet your organization’s needs

24/7 monitoring

Remotely diagnose and resolve issues via online monitoring

Our process

Available across India and expanding internationally, our service network uses rapid remote diagnostics and onsite repair to guarantee a high charger uptime

1. Charger is having an issue
L1 - Customer to try and fix the problem by use of owner manual / troubleshooting manual. Most minor issues are fixed by this process
2. Charger issue is reported
In case of an unresolved problem - Report your charger issues to us by getting in contact with our customer support team via toll free number (India) or your distributor / service partner (outside India)
3. Remote debugging
L2 - To respond more rapidly, Exicom Service team (India) or Distributor / Partner (outside India) attempt to run remote diagnostics and debugging on connected chargers and most of the time we will be able to solve your issue
4. Engineer dispatched to site
L3 - If onsite intervention is needed, we'll send our closest available engineer to assist you in person with required spares as per agreed SLA's
5. Commercials
Depending upon status of your equipment (under warranty, AMC) and type of maintenance contract, appropriate invoice is generated
6. Root cause analysis
Once the issue is resolved, we perform a root cause analysis and share learnings between us


Guides, manuals, and other materials that you may find helpful

Installation guide
Harmony Direct
Harmony Wall
Spin Pro
User manual
Harmony Direct
Harmony Wall
Spin Pro
General resources
Contact support
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